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What WE Do

We serve as capacity builders for grassroots organizations, emerging movements, and institutions seeking to build the power of people. In the social justice ecosystem we are an organization that thinks about the how of the work, rather than the what. This means our capacity building programs focus on ensuring that our partners, participants, and clients reach their desired goals through trainings, convenings, resource-sharing, strategic interventions & experimentation. We also work with foundations, national coalitions, and other stakeholders to align projects, reduce duplication, streamline resources, and fill/identify gaps on the ground.

Customizable Leadership Cohorts

Piece by Piece builds leadership cohorts for executive directors, emerging leaders, & program staff. We design curriculum and programs with experts to meet the unique needs of our cohorts while fostering community & collaboration.

Race Equity & Inclusion to Action

Piece by Piece works with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and private & for-profit organizations to understand how race and gender impact their organization. We take a holistic approach that works with organizational leadership, staff, and constituents to understand their own biases, organizational culture, and organizational structures/policies that can be transformed to create more equitable organizations.

Civic Engagement Training

Piece by Piece develops and trains on curriculum that builds civic engagement programs that integrate with issue based organizing. Our team has experience leading training modules that span 5 days to weekly sessions that span entire programs. Our curriculum and trainings are conducted online or in person.

Movement Gatherings

Piece by Piece organizes, facilitates, and supports national, regional, and local gatherings. This includes strategic planning, coalition creation, evaluation, internal staff conflict management, fundraising strategy, and generative conferences. We offer support for these events including project management, logistics, agenda creation, & facilitation.

Organizational Development

Piece by Piece works directly with local, state, national, and philanthropic organizations and networks to build stronger organizations. We develop strategic planning processes, program plans, and needs identification processes to identify organizational gaps and needs. 


Piece by Piece fund holds regranting dollars that use an equity framework to move resources to projects designed to put directly impacted communities with the agency to build organizations, initiatives and projects that tackle both short-term and long term needs. 

Project Incubation

Piece by Piece moves ideas to organizations and projects. To date, Piece by Piece has supported the incubation and launch of several projects including developing internal infrastructure, identifying staff, aligning resources, and supporting program plans. Projects range from local funds to national civic engagement and cultural projects. 

Research Scans

Piece by Piece produces client and movement driven research that identifies gaps and opportunities in the social justice ecosystem. Research scans build the capacity of the field and deepen resource alignment. completed projects range from a scan analyzing training infrastructure to Southern voting rights landscape

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